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SEO Drupal Best Practice - Part 1 of 2

In this post I’m going to take a look at some of the modules available to improve your Drupal Search Engine Optimisation .  The aim here is to make a Drupal SEO Checklist for new installations and how to install those modules ; there are plenty more tools as well which I’ll add some links for further reading links for at the bottom.

The Drupal 7 Essential SEO tools

  1. XML Sitemap  [XML Sitemap]  - create an automatic XML site map to submit to search engines.
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Drupal Camp London: Improving the CMS Admin User Experience

  • Drupal 7 Improving the CMS Admin User Experience
It’s often the forgotten journey, one in which little time and budget is afforded. As someone who has plenty of experience programming in other Content Management Systems (CMS), it’s an area I felt where the  Drupal admin screens out of the box fall a little short.
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