Software Consultancy and Development Services

Who are we?

Flowmoco are a no-nonsense team of 30 highly skilled and professional programmers, data engineers and technical architects that strive for excellence in every commission. We fold in the best bits of a diverse plethora of platforms, languages and paradigms that we have learned and loved through our 500+ years of collective experience.

This adaptability underpins our strength of delivery and means we can build and deploy (necessarily) complex systems into a variety of arenas ranging from air-gapped PCI compliant Kubernetes environments for finance to managed private clouds for global Telco operators.

What do we do?

Collectively we’ve got over 500 years of experience writing software - and we are still driven by the satisfaction of turning a tricky problem into a neat, well crafted solution that ultimately makes our business stakeholders smile.

We might be technologists - our output may be primarily digital - but the problems we solve are often human.

  • We build web and mobile applications that talk to data-rich back end systems
  • We build data-rich back ends that are integrated with diverse business systems
  • We build business systems that process huge, complex datasets to deliver insight
  • We architect and manage secure environments, for your code, or ours.

Who do we work with?

  • Existing IT teams looking to extend their capability
  • Design Agencies that requires specialist technologists to realise their creative vision
  • Businesses of all sizes that require end-to-end project management and delivery

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